Website Design/Development Services

ROSSCO Games will create for you or your business a stunning new website in WordPress. Increase traffic to your company with search engine optimization (SEO), easily implement a variety of plugins and customized features to create a more personalized experience for you and your customers or clients.

Desktop & Laptop

PC Application Development Outsourcing

Outsource your software development to us! Using the Unity engine, ROSSCO Games will develop a non-gaming application with a variety of features and use-cases.
From simulation software, to educational tools, to 3D virtual tours and to-scale architecture mockups, we have you covered.

Freelance PC Video Game Development

Want to release a game for Windows, Mac, or Linux? Need someone to do the heavy lifting? Contract ROSSCO Games to do the dirty work for you!
Contract us to develop the next hit video game, for a reasonable price.


Android & iOS App Development Outsourcing

Contract ROSSCO Games to develop your project's mobile application!
We use the software engine Unity to develop our mobile apps,
and we are happy to extend our knowledge to your development.


Virtual Reality Application Development Outsourcing

Does your project require a VR application? Whether it be for a video game or a piece of non-gaming software?
ROSSCO Games invites your business to join the Metaverse and become one of the pioneering groups in the relatively young, fledgling Extended Reality (XR) industry.
Have your product prototypes demoed and simulated in VR before production, have architecture planned out and toured before it's constructed, help your students & apprentices learn with training software, exercise with fitness applications, the possibilities are endless.